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Information About

LEGACY School Of Discipleship 

Additional FAQ

What it's about

Learn To Live Spiritually

Our discipleship semesters train students to experience, understand, and partner with the transformative reality of Christ in them, to enjoy intimacy with God, engage their community, build up the Church, and live a Spirit-empowered life that influences generations to come!

We hope to see these 5 things realize for our students. Learn more.

When are the trainings

Summer Or Fall 

Fall 2024: Sept. 15 – Nov. 13

Summer 2025: TBA

Who is it for

Those Who Want More

LEGACY's School Of Discipleship training is a 9-week session that we host in the Summer and Fall of every year. You can attend either, or both.


We typically host students between the ages of 18 – 30 but our semesters are not limited to specific age ranges. We enroll up to 25 students into every training. 

What we don't do

In All Honesty

We do not offer degrees, diplomas, or accreditation for attending LEGACY. Instead, students discover a personal rhythm with the living God that was taught to them by God Himself.

Information About
5 Things


Our training aims to present and solidify God as an inward reality and not

as a religious obligation

in the spiritual life. 

1st Semester

1st Semester


Our first-semester training focuses on creating an environment conducive to learning how to interact daily with the divine presence of Christ in us. Our first semester concentrates heavily on the grace, life, reality, love, and light of our Lord. Students will also experience an immersive community lifestyle that allows them to discover their unique rhythm with God. In our first semester, our students take the posture of sitting at the feet of Jesus and learning from Him.


LEGACY offers two opportunities for first-time students:


Fall: September 15 – November 13, 2024

Summer 2025: Summer dates to be announced soon!

Cost: $4,500

2nd Semester

2nd Semester


Cost: $2,500

Our second-semester training focuses on the practical application of the first semester's content through independent study, leadership, ministry, and service. Second-semester students will undergo additional mentoring from LEGACY's leadership, learn how to teach and preach gospel truths to the student body, facilitate various responsibilities on the campus, and participate in community outreach.  


Currently, LEGACY offers our second-semester during the Fall only.


Fall dates: September 15 – November 13, 2024

Learn more.

Application Process

Complete An Interview

Our Enrollment Coordinator(s) will contact you upon receiving your application and schedule an online or in-person interview with you.

Receive Written Notification

We will notify you of our enrollment decision via email. 

Raise Your Funds

  1. Tips For Fundraising Letter
  2. Fundraising Planning
  3. Sponsor Sheet to send to potential donors.
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Summer 2024

The Application Process

Student Application

Please allow yourself at least one hour to complete the application. Complete it wholeheartedly and truthfully, giving us as much insight as possible. We are excited to get to know you! Once submitted, a team member will contact you shortly.


Please note that we prayerfully consider each applicant. Acceptance is not guaranteed as we hold the right to discern if LEGACY is an appropriate fit due to many factors. It is also possible for us to get more applications than we have space for. In this case, we prayerfully evaluate who we feel is best suited for LEGACY for this particular season. 


It’s rare, but if an error occurs or you lose wifi while filling out the application, you may lose your answers. We suggest you copy and paste your answers into another document along the way to be safe. 

Student Application
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